Joe Moderski, and Andy Abramson

“The Flyers Cup was organized to recognize the champion of high school hockey in the Delaware Valley,” said Moderski. “To ignore the Delaware league, would have been like ignoring the New Jersey schools, not in the best interest of youth hockey in the Philadelphia area.” But this year the growth of the Flyers Cup has a new thrust with a focus on the players and teams in the Flyers Cup itself. Through the combined efforts of the Flyers Cup Committee and Hockey Central, this year’s Flyers Cup, (1987) is shaping up to be the best ever. “All year long we have worked with the major hockey equipment manufacturers and local companies and gotten them behind youth hockey in the Delaware Valley.” Moderski said. “Now with the Flyers Cup upon us, we have succeeded in getting them to recognize the accomplishments of the players and teams in the tournament.”

“What all this means,” Moderski said, “is that the Flyers Cup belongs to the kids and that we, the Flyers, Hockey Central and the leagues, care about the kids who play high school hockey.”

~ Joe Moderski

Breakdown of awards, some changed over time to include all of the players of the championship team. All of which ended after Joe Moderski, and Andy Abramson moved on from Hockey Central.

The individual accomplishment awards:

2023 awards:

Flyers Cup Tournament team/player awards, ie medals, trophies, plaques, etc: